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New Kids on the Block

13 Jun, 2014

New Kids on the Block

Hello World!

We're Bill and Michael, two Olin College students joining the Aerospace Robotics team for the summer of 2014. 

An ordinary day at Olin College.

Michael (on the left) is a Mechanical Engineering student; Bill (on the right) is a Robotics Engineering student. Regardless of the paperwork, we both think robots are awesome and enjoy building and helping others build robots of all kinds. We've both worked with robots in and out of school - we're sporting Michael's FIRST robotics team shirts in the photograph, are taking robotics courses at Olin, and do silly projects and/or research on the side. When that's not happening, you're liable to find us biking, backpacking, or otherwise adventuring.

Last summer, we biked across the United States. You'll notice by the end of the journey, we became
bicycles - but that trip's a different story altogether. (Pictures oriented geographically, not chronologically.)

This summer at Aerospace Robotics, we'll be reviewing all kinds of robotics components by doing isolated tests and sample projects. Things that we think are awesome, we'll try to share with all of you by making them available on our site. No matter what, we'll be creating really straightforward "Product Sheets", where we distill important specifications, the utility of the product, and a quick "how-to" or "get started" section.

Many components for sale - even from us, right now - have documentation that's scattered across many documents, web locations, and languages. We hope to help you spend your time building things, not sifting and deciphering manufacturer's spec sheets or countless slow video tutorials. 

Looking forward to the adventure and hoping you'll come along for the ride,

Bill & Michael

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Eduardo C. Guizar Sainz

June 18, 2014

Srs. The name AEROSPACE ROBOTICS is an international registered brand since 2009.
We do not have webpage because we work for government only in the defense area, but we think this webpage is begging to confuse some of our clients.

We think we should talk about it and resolve this little issue. Tell us how to reach you by phone. Please.

Best Regards

Eduardo C. Guizar Sainz
Mechatronics de Mexico. S.A. De C.V.

+(52) 1 667 790 0008

Eduardo C. Guizar Sainz

June 18, 2014

I forgot to leave my e-mail:


June 20, 2014

It was nice talking to you today. I’m glad everything has worked out fine and we’ll be in touch soon about our possible future relationship!
Best of luck with the new contract,
Bill Warner &
Aerospace Robotics

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