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01 Aug, 2014

Think-Sense-Act: What does it mean to be a robot?

Most generously, a robot is any piece of technology capable of making actions based on measurements it takes. This "robot" is Smoking Spaceman, a Metal House Robot toy from the 1950s and not a robot by this definition. As with any evolving technology or idea, the notion of what a robot really is has changed a lot. As you can find in the...


18 Jul, 2014

Basic DC Motor Drivers

Motor Driver BasicsHow Do Motors Work?Motors, as we all know, make things turn.  A motor is a transducer that converts from electrical to mechanical (rotational) energy.  A DC motor operates with a constant supply voltage that can be adjusted to allow for variable speed/torque of the motor.  The higher the voltage across the motor, the faster it will turn, and...


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