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Learn: Think

Thinking (and sexiness) distinguish robots from mere electromechanical systems, allowing actions to be related meaningfully to measurements. 
Robot Brain Hardware: A cursory overview of the famous and useful.
Robot Brain Organization: Explanation of several key robot brain structures.
Robotics Software: A cursory overview of the famous and useful.
Thinking to Sense: Driving and filtering sensors to measure the world.
Thinking to Act: Acting and acting deliberately.
Thinking to Communicate: Talk to yourself! Then talk to others. 

Types of Robot Brains (Hardware)

  • FPGA
  • RTO
  • Microcontroller
  • Single-board computer
  • PC

Types of Robot Brains (Organization)

  • The Sense-Think-Act Paradigm
  • State Machines: Coffee Maker as a Robot
  • Hindbrain-Midbrain-Forebrain
  • Blackboard

Robotics Software

  • Languages:
    • C / Python / Your Pick
    • C++ (Arduino)
    • ROS
    • LabVIEW
  • Tools:
    • OpenCV
    Thinking to Sense (Measuring & Filtering)
    • Drivers: connecting your brain to your sensors
    • Filtering: connecting meaning to your measurements
    • Thinking to Act (Control, Manipulation & Navigation)
    Intro to Control Theory
    • PID Control
    • Manipulation
    • Navigation:
      • Obstacle avoidance
      • Mapping
      • Localization
      • SLAM
      • Path-planning
    Thinking to Interface (Communicate)
    • With other computers
    • With humans


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